How much stuff is jammed in your scrub pockets?

How many times have you lost your pen (today)?

Have your hemostats poked a hole in your new scrubs (yet)?

Who's light will you borrow (next)?

Throughout my nursing career...

I always tried to stay organized, and in the beginning, I was. After a few years, I gave up on being the perfect little scout nurse and just started borrowing supplies from my peers. I couldn't stand digging through my pockets to find my hemostats, or scissors, or light. If I did find what I was looking for and retrieved it, about 68% of the other contents in that pocket would fly out and onto the floor it fell.
My friends and I would talk about coming up with something that would fix all that. I called it the Ultimate Nursing Tool and even nicknamed it the "UNT". Yep, say it with me, "oooont." I know, not very catchy.

So we started looking into making our dream a reality and started spending money on designers and prototypes and lawyers, oh my! But our goal and the reason we pursued it never changed. Nursing is a very challenging career. My husband, a former Administrator, always says that it takes a very special person to be a nurse. So we wanted to bring something to nurses to help them stay organized and save them some time. (Maybe even enough time to pee!) So, let me show you the ROCKET. 

ROCKET Nursing Multi-Tool


I sure wish I had one back in the day!

Florence Nightingale

I'd love to buy one. When can they be purchased?

Stacey S.

I can't wait to get one!

Christina B.

Great tool!

Lori R.


LED Light

The LED light is integrated into the body of the tool. It’s positioned so you can easily hold the button with the tool in hand. The LED only illuminates when the button is pressed, saving battery life.

Tape Measure

Our measuring tape is designed specifically for nurses. The tape is graduated in both inches and millimeters. It will extend to about 14″ of useful measuring length. 

Medical Tape

The ROCKET has a holder for a standard roll of medical tape. One roll is included with every purchase of the ROCKET Nursing Multi-Tool. 


We designed special straight-end hemostats with larger finger rings and a relatively longer gripping surface for the many uses nurses have for them. Clamping tubing and dressings, and holding IV hubs has never been easier.


Our specially designed scissors have larger than standard finger rings and relatively large cutting blades. The scissors are tempered for years of precise, sharp cutting.