ROCKET Nursing Multi-Tool (all-inclusive)

ROCKET Nursing Multi-Tool (all-inclusive)

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The ROCKET Nursing Multi-Tool features a patent-pending design that provides nurses an efficient way to keep what they need close at hand. The ROCKET includes a bright LED light, a tape measure, a tape holder, and a pair of specially designed scissors and forceps. This new tool is a must-have for the busy nurse.



 The ROCKET contains a strong magnet located under the cap within the tool body. The magnet holds the cap and tool together. The magnet also holds the scissors & hemostats in the tool cavity. Because the magnet's field extends beyond the body of the tool, please be aware that it could interfere with pacemakers and other sensitive electronic equipment within the magnetic field.

Keep the tool at least 4 inches away from any sensitive electronic equipment. If you have a pacemaker, we recommend using the pocket clip to keep the tool away from your pacemaker. More about magnetic field safety here.