ROCKET Features

Please Note: All of these features come standard with every purchase of the ROCKET Nursing Multi-Tool. 

LED Light

LED light – The LED light is integrated into the body of the tool. It’s positioned so you can easily hold the button with the tool in hand. The button must be depressed for the LED light to come on. Release the button and the light turns off, saving battery life.

A battery is included with every purchase of the ROCKET. Replacement batteries may be purchased on the website.

Medical Tape Holder

Medical Tape Holder – The ROCKET has a holder for a standard roll of medical tape. One roll is included with every purchase of the ROCKET Nursing Multi-Tool. Changing the tape roll is simple; just squeeze the ends of the holder and slip the empty tape hub off the holder. To put a new roll on, insert one side of the holder into the tape hub and press the other side in until it also clears the edge of the hub. Push the tape roll on until the ends of the holder pop out of the bottom side of the hub. Done! (It’s pretty intuitive.)

Measuring Tape

Measuring Tape – Our measuring tape is designed specifically for nurses. The tape is graduated in both inches and millimeters. It will extend to about 14″ of useful measuring length. The tape measure does not automatically retract back into the body of the tool, allowing you to wipe it clean if necessary. To retract, just turn the collar above the roll of medical tape.

ROCKET Scissors

ROCKET Scissors – Our specially designed scissors have larger finger rings (we heard there are more big fingered people in nursing these days) and relatively large cutting blades. The scissors are tempered for years of precise, sharp cutting.


ROCKET Hemostats

ROCKET Hemostats  We designed special straight-end hemostats with larger finger rings and a relatively longer gripping surface for the many uses nurses have for them. Clamping tubing and dressings, and holding IV hubs has never been easier. You will protect these with your life, and maybe even sleep with them under your pillow. 

Pocket Clip

Pocket Clip – One of the more unique features of the ROCKET Nursing Multi-Tool is how you can use the clip. Simply clip to a pocket or waistband and slide the tool right on! The slot on the body of the ROCKET is configured so that you can slide it on with the cap up and scissors & forceps down, or with the scissors & forceps on top and the cap pointing down. The slot works either way!
And if you don’t use the clip, you can hold a pen or marker with that slot! Bonus!


Lanyard – The lanyard is, well, it’s just a lanyard, and is included with every ROCKET purchase. To attach it to the cap, slip the small loop through the end of the cap and push the cap through the end of the loop.

We anticipate that you smart and creative nurses are going to come up with lots of different ways of wearing the ROCKET. Share them with us!

Video of All Angles with Parts Labeled